Students planning to major in statistics should have a strong interest in mathematics and some interest in computing. The department currently offers

  • Data Science B.S. (Coming Fall 2020, details pending) – A combination of statistical methodology with computer science (programming, databases and algorithms).
  • Statistics B.S. – Geared towards students planning to pursue graduate studies and hence is more rigorous in advanced mathematics.
  • Statistics B.A. – Geared towards students pursuing a career in statistics and data science after graduation.
  • Actuarial Science – Preparing students in the field of study relating to the quantification of risk using math, probability and statistics.
  • Statistics – A useful (data analytic) complement to any major.

A student majoring in statistics can also work toward a minor in Actuarial Science. A double major in Mathematics and Statistics is another attractive option (see an advisor). All students who wish to major in statistics should consult a departmental adviser early in their program.


For general advising needs that do pertain specifically to the statistics department, students are encouraged to contact their college’s advising center. For the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center visit https://www.advising.ufl.edu/.

For inquires pertaining specifically to the department please contact the advisors listed in the right menu.

Statistics Club

The University of Florida’s Statistics Club is a student-run pre-professional organization dedicated to providing opportunities and education to anyone interested in the field of statistics.