Students planning to major in statistics should have a strong interest in mathematics and some interest in computing. The department currently offers


  • Statistics B.S. – Geared towards students planning to pursue graduate studies and hence is more rigorous in advanced mathematics.
  • Statistics B.A. – Geared towards students pursuing a career in statistics and data science after graduation.


  • Statistics – A useful (data analytic) complement to any major.
  • Actuarial Science – Preparing students in the field of study relating to the quantification of risk using math, probability and statistics.

A student majoring in statistics can also work toward a minor in Actuarial Science. A double major in Mathematics and Statistics is another attractive option (see an advisor). All students who wish to major in statistics should consult a departmental adviser early in their program.

Statistics Club

The University of Florida’s Statistics Club is a student-run pre-professional organization dedicated to providing opportunities and education to anyone interested in the field of statistics.