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Course Policies

General course/class policies and procedures to address some of the most common issues.  For detailed policies students must adhere to the course syllabus as put forth by the instructor.


Students are encouraged to register during their registration period as well as during add/drop week as listed under Dates and Deadlines.

Late Add

  1. Students must obtain approval from the instructor of the course (as listed on ONE.UF) prior to the request, and ask that the instructor email Office Manager and Undergraduate Coordinator (UGC) with their approval.
  2. Visit or and click on “Add a Course”. You must know the class number (5 digit) before you proceed. Once prompts are completed, a request will be sent to the department. Be sure to notify the office manager and/or undergraduate coordinator. If you are “switching sections” please provide the class number of the section you intend on dropping.

Full Class

Every attempt is made to accommodate students but due to limited resources, it is not always possible.  If a class is full the student can contact the instructor of the course (as listed on ONE.UF) for additional information/requests as they have the ultimate say on their course. Depending on the instructor and room capacity, some options are listed:

  1. See if the instructor is willing to increase enrollment capacity (which may not be possible in small rooms).
  2. See if the instructor has a waiting list.  When contacting the instructor, please be sure to include the 5 digit class number and your UFID.
  3. Spots do often open up during add/drop so the best course of action is to keep checking.


It is imperative that course prerequisites are met before enrolling in a course.  If you believe there is an error in your audit or that you have met the prerequisites (e.g. transfer credit from another institution, or similar courses), contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Coordinator.  Be sure to provide all the necessary information and/or documentation.

Departmentally controlled CLASS

There is a plethora of reasons why a class may be departmentally controlled.  Students must obtain approval from the instructor of the course (as listed on ONE.UF), and ask that the instructor email Office Manager and Undergraduate Coordinator (UGC) with their approval.

Dropping and Withdrawals

For late course drops and course withdrawals please refer to the University’s policies at


Students requesting accommodation for disabilities must first register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC will provide documentation to the students who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when requesting information. Students must submit this documentation prior to submitting any assignments for which you are requesting  accommodation.


An incomplete grade may be assigned at the discretion of the instructor as an interim grade for a course in which the student has completed a major portion of the course with a passing grade, been unable to complete course requirements before the end of the term because of extenuating circumstances, and obtained agreement from the instructor and arranged for resolution of the incomplete grade in the next term. Instructors are not required to assign incomplete grades. For complete details please visit CLAS incomplete grade policies and forms.


Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course as well as policies regarding absences, religious holidays, illness and student athletes are consistent with UF Attendance Policies.  For complete details refer to the course syllabus.

Additional departmental make-up policy requirements:

Every effort should be made to complete the assignment/exam during the open period. Only extreme situations will warrant a makeup. Contact the instructor prior to the exam – as soon as you realize you will be unable to take the assignment/exam at the scheduled time. Each case will be reviewed individually. Valid and detailed documentation is a prerequisite for scheduling a makeup under such extenuating circumstances.

Make-ups will generally need to be scheduled within a week from the assignment deadline. The student is responsible for scheduling.