Applying to the Graduate Program

To apply to the Graduate Program in Statistics at the University of Florida, please follow the instructions provided by UF’s Office of Admissions.

The application deadline for Fall 2020 is January 8, 2020. Apply now.

  1. You will see the following statement in the Office of Admissions instructions:
    • “When you are ready to apply, remember that the graduate admission process involves two offices, the Office of Admissions and your academic unit’s office. Selected materials may be sent to both so check with your academic unit for materials that they may require.”
    • The Department of Statistics does not require applicants to send any materials directly to the Department of Statistics.
  2. You will also see the following statement in the Office of Admissions instructions:
    • “These are general admission requirements. You should contact the academic unit for specific program criteria and deadlines. Based upon the program to which you apply, you may be required to submit items such as transcripts, recommendation letters, and more.”
  3. The Department of Statistics requires GRE scores. Also, international students must demonstrate proficiency in English by achieving a minimal score of 80 on the (internet-based) TOEFL. (The IELTS can be used in place of TOEFL and the minimum score is 6.)
  4. The Department of Statistics requires that the following items be submitted via the online application:
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Official transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended
      NOTE: Also, official transcripts must be submitted to the University of Florida Office of Admissions.