Bayes Comp 2020

Reitz Union
University of Florida
January 7 to January 10, 2020


Bayes Comp is a biennial conference sponsored by the ISBA section of the same name. The conference and the section both aim to promote original research into computational methods for inference and decision making and to encourage the use of frontier computational tools among practitioners, the development of adapted software, languages, platforms, and dedicated machines, and to translate and disseminate methods developed in other disciplines among statisticians.

Bayes Comp is the current incarnation of the popular MCMSki series of conferences, and Bayes Comp 2020 is the second edition of this new conference series. The first edition was Bayes Comp 2018, which was held in Barcelona in March of 2018.

Where and When:

Bayes Comp 2020 will take place in the Reitz Union at the University of Florida. It will start in the afternoon on Tuesday, January 7 (2020) and finish in the afternoon on Friday, January 10.

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