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Graduate Handbook/Degree Options

Proficiency in English

The Department expects that after one academic year in the US, the English skills of the international TAs will be such that they can be given a teaching assignment (as opposed to a grading assignment). However, Florida law and University of Florida Graduate Council policy require international TAs to demonstrate oral proficiency before being appointed to teach. In particular, a score of 55 on the TSE or the SPEAK test permits unrestricted teaching. With a score of 45 or 50, the international TA may teach if concurrently enrolled in EAP 5836. For more details, go to the University of Florida’s web pages on Academic Spoken English. International TAs are required to take either the TSE or the SPEAK test by the end of their first academic year. The Department will pay the $60 exam cost up to two times for each student.

The Graduate Coordinator

The Graduate Coordinator serves as an ombudsman and thereby opens lines of communication between the Graduate School and the student. He/she advises the students concerning the policies of the Department and the Graduate School.

Academic Honesty

The Department of Statistics expects students to be honest in all their university work. Students are expected to work alone on class assignments and exams, unless given permission by the instructor to do otherwise. It is the policy of the University that failure to comply with this commitment may result in expulsion from the University. The student should refer to the Graduate Catalog for further information on this policy.