Introduction to Statistics — Maria Ripol, Online Section

Introduction to Statistics — Megan Mocko, Web Section

Introduction to Statistics I— Megan Mocko, Section 5780

Introduction to Statistics II— Grant Backlund, Section 7454

Introduction to Statistics II— Qian Qin, Section 7459

Engineering Statistics— Demetris Athienitis, Section 1H76

Engineering Statistics— Miranda Martin, Section 7370

Regression Analysis— Demetris Athienitis, Section 17FA

Design of Experiments— David Groggel, Section 2A23

Design of Experiments— Demetris Athienitis, Section 7324

Introduction to Probability— Rohit Patra, Section 1192

Introduction to Probability— Saptarshi Chakraborty, Section 7461

Introduction to Statistics Theory— David Groggel, Section 13F6

Introduction to Statistics Theory— Samuel Wong, Section 18E7

Introduction to Statistics Theory— Hani Doss, Section 165d

Categorical Data Analysis— David Groggel, Section 7516

Multivariate Statistical Methods— Larry Winner, Section 19D9

Fundamentals of Probability— Saptarshi Chakraborty, Section 7490

Fundamentals of Statistical Theory— David Groggel, Section 168A

Introduction to Statistics Theory— Samuel Wong, Section 1007

Categorical Data Methods— David Groggel, Section 7519

Applied Multivariate Methods— Larry Winner, Section 1961

Statistical Methods in Research I— Demetris Athienitis, Section 13F8

Statistical Methods in Research I— Larry Winner, Section 1F80

Basic Design & Analysis of Experiments— Larry Winner, Section 0015

Introduction to Theoretical Statistics II— James Hobert, Section 7292

sAnalysis of Multivariate Data— George Michailidis, Section 101D

Topics in Basic Analysis— Andrew Rosalsky, Section 1740

Generalized Linear Models— Kshitij Khare, Section 7523

Probability Theory II— Andrew Rosalsky, Section 7017

Envelope Models and Methods— Zhihua Su, Section 16E4